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West 86th: Volume 22, No. 01 (Spring–Summer 2015)



Hans Makart's Technicolor Dreamhouse: Decoration and Subjectivity in Nineteenth-Century Vienna
Eric Anderson

The Concept of Copies: An Archaeological View of the Terracotta Ornaments from Sisupalgarh, India
Monica L. Smith

Versions and Visions of the Alhambra in the Nineteenth Century Ottoman World
Anna McSweeney

Translated Text

New Ornament and New Art by Hermann Muthesius
Introduction by Alexander Watt; Translated by Annika Fisher

Exhibition Reviews

Oskar Schlemmer: Visions of a New World
Reviewed by Peter H. Fox

Wedding Dresses 1775-2014
Reviewed by Alison Toplis

Spielen damit wirklich Kinder? Präsentation aus der Spielzeugsammlung / Did Children Really Play with These? A Presentation from the Toy Collectionbr />Reviewed by Artemis Yagou

Women Fashion Power
Reviewed by Beatrice Behlen

Horst: Photographer of Style; Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, The Condé Nast Years—1923-1927; and Guy Bourdin: Image Maker
Reviewed by Elizabeth Kutseko

Ron Arad: In Reverse
Reviewed by Ziva Sternhall

Book Reviews

The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland: A History
Annette Carruthers; Reviewed by Peter Stansky

Men from the Ministry: How Britain Saved Its Heritage
Simon Thurley; Reviewed by Miles Glendinning

Textiles, Fashion and Design Reform in Austria-Hungary before the First World War
Rebecca Houze; Reviewed by Megan Brandow-Faller

In Plain Sight: Discovering the Furniture of Nathaniel Gould
Kemble Widmer and Joyce King; Reviewed by Philip D. Zimmerman

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