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West 86th: Volume 21, No. 01 (Spring–Summer 2014)



Threats and Promises: The Marketing and Promotion of Electric Lighting to Women in the United States, 1880s–1960s
Margaret Maile Petty

Tipu Sultan’s Ambassadors at Saint-Cloud: Indomania and Anglophobia in Pre-Revolutionary Paris
Meredith Martin

Socialization of the Beautiful and Valorization of the Useful: The Decorative Arts in France, from the Utopias of 1848 to Art Nouveau
Rossella Froissart

Translated Text

Questions of Fashion by Lilly Reich
Introduction by Robin Schuldenfrei; Translated by Annika Fisher

Book Reviews

Les arts de l’Islam au Musée du Louvre, edited by Sophie Makariou
Reviewed by Anthony Cutler

When Ego Was Imago: Signs of Identity in the Middle Ages, by Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
Reviewed by Nino Zchomelidse

Lucie Rie: Modernist Potter, by Emmanuel Cooper and The Last Sane Man: Michael Cardew: Modern Pots, Colonialism, and the Counterculture, by Tanya Harrod
Reviewed by Kristina Wilson

Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life, by Emmanuelle Polle
Reviewed by Jaclyn A. Pyper

Exhibition Reviews

Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800
Reviewed by Mary Schoeser

Pattern Play: The Contemporary Designs of Jacqueline Groag
Reviewed by Alexander Watt

Passion, Function, and Beauty: Henry van de Velde and His Contribution to European Modernism
Reviewed by Ole W. Fischer

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