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E.W. Godwin: Aesthetic Movement Architect and Designer, edited by Susan Weber Soros


Susan Weber Soros, editor

Winner of the 2000 Philip C. Johnson Award given by the Society of Architectural Historians
Winner of the 2000 George Wittenborn Memorial Book Award of the Art Libraries Society of North America
Winner of the 2000 Henry-Russel Hitchcock Award given by The Victorian Society in America


One of the great figures in nineteenth-century English architecture and design, E. W. Godwin (1833–1886) began his career as an architect, later turned to furniture design and decoration, and finally focused on Victorian theater, assuming the roles of costume designer, designer-manager, and critic. In the first section of this book, ten scholars examine Godwin’s multifaceted life and career, discussing his diverse contributions as a design reformer. The second section of the book presents a fully annotated selection of over 150 items that represent the formation and flowering of Godwin’s oeuvre.

Beginning with an overview of Godwin’s life, the book then examines the antiquarian and Japanese sources of his styles. Separate chapters discuss his architectural achievements, from early church restorations to the design of avant-garde house/studios; his contributions to design reform through writings as an architectural journalist; his role as an interior designer and the importance of furniture in his commissions; and the changing nature of the critical attention he received in life and after his death. In subsequent chapters, the contributors focus on particular products Godwin designed, his own work in the Victorian theater, and the achievements of his son, theatrical designer Edward Gordon Craig.


Table of Contents

Clive Wainwright

Susan Weber Soros

1. Edward William Godwin (1833-1886): Aesthetic Polymath
Lionel Lambourne

2. E.W. Godwin as an Antiquary
Catherine Arbuthnott

3. E.W. Godwin and Japonisme in England
Nancy B. Wilkinson

4. E.W. Godwin and Modernism
Juliet Kinchin

5. An Aesthetic Education: The Architecture Criticism of E.W. Godwin
Richard W. Hayes

6. The Architectural Career of E.W. Godwin
Aileen Reid

7. E.W. Godwin and Interior Design
Susan Weber Soros

8. The Furniture of E.W. Godwin
Susan Weber Soros

9. E.W. Godwin and Textile Design
Linda Parry

10. E.W. Godwin and Wallpaper Design
Joanna Banham

11. E.W. Godwin and Ceramics
Catherine Arbuthnott

12. E.W. Godwin and Design for the Theater
Fanny Baldwin

13. The Genetic Legacy
Lionel Lambourne

Checklist of the Exhibition


Catherine Arbuthnott
Researcher and master's candidate, Birbeck College, London

Fanny Baldwin
Theater historian, London

Joanna Banham
Former archivist, Arthur Sanderson and Sons, London

Richard W. Hayes
Architect, New York

Juliet Kinchin
Lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University

Lionel Lambourne
Former head of the Department of Prints and Drawings, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Linda Parry
Curator of textiles, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Aileen Reid
Architectural historian

Susan Weber Soros
Founder and director of The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts

Clive Wainwright
Senior Research Fellow, Nineteenth Century Studies, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Nancy Burch Wilkinson
Associate professor of art at Oklahoma State University

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12.4 x 9.3 x 1.4 in.

Page count
432 pages, illustrated

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