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West 86th: Volume 28, No. 2 (Fall–Winter 2021)


Editor’s Introduction: Putting Work into Metal
Caspar Meyer and Ittai Weinryb


Defining Questions about Metal Images in Southeast Asia
Frederick Asher

Metallurgy and Civilization
Zainab Bahrani

The Changing Role of the Metal Conservator
Tonny Beentjes

Shifting Expectations: Metalwork and the Reception of African Arts at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Yaëlle Biro

Metalwork in the Past and Present: Lord of Sipán and Tumi del Oro in Peru
Alicia Boswell

Blowers of Sun-Excrement: Nahua Lost-Wax Gold Casting in the Florentine Codex Book 9, Chapter 16
Allison Caplan

Bronze as Model
Michael Cole

Utensils and Metallurgical Knowledge in South Asia
Edward S. Cooke Jr.

What Does Bronze Do? Part I: Affordances
Maikel Kuijpers and David Fontijn

What Does Bronze Do? Part II: Economics
David Fontijn and Maikel Kuijpers

Thinking through Molds: Metal Flow and Visualizing the Unseen
Andrew Lacey and Pamela H. Smith

Reflections on a Radiant “National” Treasure: The Rao Pectoral
Alisa LaGamma

All That Glisters …
Kenneth Lapatin

Metalwork and Serial Sculpture in Germany, 1870–1930
Megan R. Luke

Silver and Niello in Islamic Iberia: A New Look at the Material Evidence
Therese Martin and Mariam Rosser-Owen

Fungible Things: Economies of Desire in the (De)formation of Chinese Bronzes
Jeffrey Moser

Making Metal Work
Amy F. Ogata

Metal Welding in Postwar US Sculpture: Between Expressionism and Vulgarity
Robert Slifkin

Liquid Metaphors and the Politics of Melted Metal
Allison Stielau

Color in Ancient Chinese Bronzes
Donna Strahan

Bloomery Iron, Steel, and the Interdisciplinary Search for an Early Modern Armor Industry
Jonathan Tavares

Coinage As Metalwork
Peter van Alfen

Metal Agricultural Implements in Early China
Lothar von Falkenhausen

From Real to Virtual and Back Again
Wendy Yothers

Book Reviews

Thomas Balfe, Joanna Woodall, and Claus Zittel, eds., Ad Vivum? Visual Materials and the Vocabulary of Life-Likeness in Europe before 1800
Christina S. Neilson

Amber Lincoln, Jago Cooper, and Jan Peter Laurens Loovers, eds., Arctic: Culture and Climate
Sarah Pickman

Caroline Fowler, The Art of Paper: From the Holy Land to the Americas
Pamela O. Long

Matthew M. Reeve, Gothic Architecture and Sexuality in the Circle of Horace Walpole
Ayla Lepine

Emanuele Lugli, The Making of Measure and the Promise of Sameness
Tom Nickson

Dario L. Gamboni, The Museum as Experience: An Email Odyssey through Artists’ and Collectors’ Museums
Elizabeth Dospěl Williams

Patrick R. Crowley, The Phantom Image: Seeing the Dead in Ancient Rome
Nathaniel B. Jones

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