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Waterweavers: A Chronicle of Rivers, edited by José Roca and Alejandro Martín


José Roca and Alejandro Martín, editors

Featured in the 2014 New York Times Gift Guide

The exhibition catalogue, WaterweaversA Chronicle of Rivers, features a selection of visual and textual narratives about Colombian rivers across time, including an essay by the co-curators addressing the river in contemporary Colombian visual and material culture, illustrations of works by the seventeen artists in the exhibition, and excerpts from literary and historical texts, many published for the first time in English, by such acclaimed Colombian authors as Fernanado Zalamea, Tomás Gonzalez, Héctor Abad, José Eustasio Rivera, Gabriel García Márquez, and Alfredo Molano. Renowned graphic designer Irma Boom designed the book.  

Table of Contents

Susan Weber

Nina Stritzler-Levine

Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture
Jose Roca

A Chronicle of Rivers
Alejandro Martin

Fernando Zalamea

The Shapes of Water 
selected poems from Manglares by Tomas Gonzalez

Rio Amazonas

In this river there is nothing but despair 
from the Letter from Lope de Aguire, Rebel, to King Philip of Spain

Susana Mejia

Hector Abad Faciolince

Rio Putumayo

Reading One River in the River
Alberto Baraya

Alberto Baraya

The Canoe, like a floating coffin, moved down the river from the Vortex
Jose Eustasio Rivera

Jorge Lizarazo

Rio Cahuinari

Looking with Words, Looking with Stories
Catalina Vargas Tovar and Adel Rodriguez

Abel Rodriguez

Rio Magdalena

Rio Grande de la Magdalena from the Epitome of the Conquest of the New Kingdom Granada
Alonso de Santa Cruz

Nicolas Consuegra

Magdalena, father of waters, one of the greatest rivers of the world, was only an illusion of memory from Love in the Time of Cholera
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

David Consuegra

Decorative Openwork in Pre-Columbian Indigenous Metalwork
David Consuegra


Rio Cauca

Clemencia Echeverri

The Cauca, Death Downriver
Elizabeth Yarce

Marcelo Villegas

Alvaro Catalan de Ocon

Water is neither good nor bad
a Guambiano Oral Narrative

Laguna de Guatavita

El Dorado, the Legend of Guatavita Lake from The Chibcha People Prior to the Spanish Conquest
Vincente Restrepo

Ceci Arango

Lucy Salamanca

Fair Trade Design 
Gabriele Sossalla, Ludovico Gualzetti, Benno Simma, and Lucy Salamanca

Juan Fernando Herran

Rio Bogota

What Was Once the Fall
Antonio Caballero

Carol Young

Olga de Amaral

The House of My Imagination
Olga de Amarel

Rio Rancheria

A Historical and Ethnographic Look at the Rancheria River Basin
Weilder Guerra Curvelo

Monika Bravo

Mother of water 
as told by Arhuaco storyteller Nukaki-Suka

Maria Isabel Rueda

La Gata from the Upriver: Between the Cocaine and the Gold
Alfredo Molano


About the Authors

Checklist at Exhibition

Selected Exhibition and Publication History


Sources, Permissions, and Photo Credits


Hector Abad Faciolince

Alberto Baraya
Columbian Artist

Antonia Caballero
Journalist, art critic, and cartoonist

David Consuegra

Lope de Aguirre
Spanish conquistador

Olga de Amaral

Alonso de Santa Cruz
Royal historian and cosmographer

Jose Eustasio Rivera
Novelist, lawyer, and poet

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nobel Prize winning author

Tomas Gonzalez
Novelist, poet, and short story writer

Weildler Guerra Curvelo 

Alejandro Martin Maldonado
Curator and editor

Alfredo Molano
Social researcher and journalist

Vincente Restrepo
Ninteenth-century biographer, essayist, and journalist

Jose Roca

Abel Rodriquez
Member of the Nonuya indigenous people from the Araracuara region

Lucy Salamanca

Catalina Vargas Tovar
Philosopher, tanslator, and editor

Elizabeth Yarce

Fernando Zalamea
Mathematician and philosopher

2.50 LBS

Other Details


8 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 1 3/4 in.

Page count
400 pages, color illustrations

Publication date
April 10, 2014