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Sonia Delaunay: Living Art


Waleria Dorogova and Laura Microulis,  editors

A richly crafted tribute to the pioneering avant-garde artist, designer, and entrepreneur Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979), whose boundary-breaking approach is echoed in the volume’s interdisciplinary and inspired design. This catalogue sets a new standard for the study of Delaunay, eschewing traditional chronological structures to better showcase groundbreaking research unifying the artist’s timeless oeuvre across mediums. This publication demonstrates Delaunay’s innate versatility and willingness to create without material limitation using her unique language of light and color. Textiles, fashion, interiors, book art, and more are highlighted across twenty-six chapters by leading international scholars to give new insight into Delaunay’s strategies of self-promotion, entrepreneurial endeavors, legacy-building efforts, and vast network of collaborators. These in-depth analyses, including previously under-investigated material such as film, mosaics, tapestries, and interior design, offer a comprehensive perspective on Delaunay’s lifelong effort to unite art with life by harnessing the energy of technological advancement and the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship. Finally, an appendix provides a unique personal note—an epilogue by Patrick Raynaud (born 1946), the last living member of Delaunay’s atelier—as a touching firsthand account of the artist’s working practices toward the end of her life. The design, by award-winning book creator Irma Boom, embraces Sonia Delaunay’s own approach to layout and typography, rendering a book that unites past and present.

The exhibition Sonia Delaunay: Living Art is on view at Bard Graduate Center Gallery from February 23–July 7,2024. 


Table of Contents

Director's Foreword
Susan Weber

Waleria Dorogova and Laura Microulis

Note to the Reader


A New Vision

1. Sonia Delaunay's Avant-Gardism
Rachel Silveri

2. A Life of Painting Color
Cécile Godefroy

Creation in Exile

3. Jewish Identity
Gail Levin

4. Another Exile: The Art of of Survival and the Survival of Art in Occupied France
Margarete Zimmermann

5. Being a Part of the "Other Russia"
Waleria Dorogova

6. Walk Like an Egyptian
Waleria Dorogova

La Vie Moderne

7. Des Soirées Bien Parisiennes: Film Projects
Hilde D'Haeyere and Steven Jacobs

8. Eclipising the Sun: La Prose du Transsibérien and Sonia Delaunay's Electric Alterity
Tamar Kharatishvili

9. Charles Delaunay and the Aesthetics of Jazz
Celeste Day Moore

10. Cars: Colors on the Move
Dirk Van Oost

11. When Color Meets Light: Luminous Posters
Ruth Hommelen

The Philosophy of Space

12. "The Poetry of a Room": Interior Design and Decoration
Marjan Sterckx and Werner Adriaenssens

13. Redefining the Interior: Sonia Delaunay's Concept of Dwelling
Kasia Stempniak

14. Sensibility and Ratio: Interiors for Georges Gersen
Waleria Dorogova

The Enterprise of Simultané

15. "C'est un Travail Noble": Fashion Design
Maude Bass-Krueger

16. Painting with Stitches: the Art of "Point du Jour" Embroidery
Noah Dubay

17. Sonia Delaunay and Jacques Heim: Fashion through the Prism of the Avant-Garde
Émile Hammen

18. Fabrics as Commerce and Artistic Medium
Waleria Dorogova

19. Robert Perrier's "Années Delaunay"
Waleria Dorogova

20. Textile Research or Laboratory of Abstraction?
Laurent Cotta

Infinite Exploration

21. The Books: Poetry of Words, Poetry of Colors
Christoph Benjamin Schulz

22. Tapestries: "A Play of Colored Wools"
Laura Microulis

23. Spirtuality and Stained Glass
Geoffrey Ripert

24. Mosaics: Inherently Simultaneous
Kaat Obbels

25. The ABC's of Color: Designing for Children
Waleria Dorogova

26. Expanding the Reach of Simultanism
Laura Microulis


27. Sonia et Moi
Patrick Raynaud

28. Sonia Delaunay Speaks
Interview Transcript from the Series Français de Notre Temps (1974)

Exhibition Checklist

Selected Bibliography

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Page count
540 | color illustrations throughout

Publication date
February 2024

Hardcover: paper over board